Coming in 2015-2016

Smart Ghost Car:

A ghost car that can think for itself! The ghost car analyses traffic ahead and chooses which lane to go in. Now thats smart! Using the Race Management System, record a car then play it back to race against!

Safety Car:

Massive accident? Press LC and Brake button simultaneously on your controller to activate a real safety car. The car will pull out from the pits and circle the track at a given speed until the pile up is cleared. Now press the LC and Brake buttons again simultaneously and the car returns to pits and switches off!

Wireless Light Board:
Operated by the Scorpius controller, this tiny wireless light board will operate lights front and rear, stop lights, hi-beam and flashing lights ie safety car. Size 20x10mm

Android and Apple app:
Must be used with proposed WiFi to Bluetooth convertor. Run the app to show laps, lap times, fuel and more!
Now just pull your smart phone out, open the app, click, click, off and racing. Perfect for children or quick races.