How did Scorpius come about and why?

It came about through wanting to simply have a better, more powerful, robust system for club and commercial use.

How does Scorpius work in basic terms?

Unlike conventional digital systems, Scorpius does not use the slot rails to transfer digital information to cars or lane changers. Rather data is sent wirelessly at 2.4GHz in a digital form. It also allows customising of your power requirements easy without being restricted. Power wise the Scorpius system can cope with any demand that is ever likely to occur in any commercial club or home situation.

The system has 4 components:

  • Wireless car decoder
  • Wireless throttle
  • Wireless lane changer electronics
  • Wireless USB dongle

These form a LAN (Local area network) where any component can send or receive data to any other component(s) if and when required.

How many cars can Scorpius race simultaneously?

Up to 24 cars may be raced simultaneously.

Can you run multiple Scorpius systems in one room?

Yes, up to 3 Scorpius systems maybe run in one environment (coming 2012).

What is reflashing?

Reflashing is another name for reprogramming any of the Scorpius components.

How do I buy Scorpius?

Online through the website. Retailers around the world will also sell Scorpius.

How do I pay for Scorpius?

Secure credit card facility or direct deposit via bank.

What brands is Scorpius compatible with?

Scorpius is a stand alone system. No existing system on the market is compatible to Scorpius Wireless.

What brands is Scorpius compatible with?

Scorpius is a stand alone system. No existing system on the market is compatible to Scorpius Wireless.

What are the minimum components do you need to set up a totally Scorpius system?

1 x Scorpius car chip, 1 x Scorpius throttle, 2 x Scorpius Lane Brain (one to count laps. One to change lane) , 1 x Scorpius dongle.

Does the car decoder antenna show or must it protrude from car?



How do I wire the power supply?

Simply connect output of power supply directly to track rails. Observe polarity.

How do I wire multiple power supplies?

Same as a single supply. The second and subsequent power supplies should be evenly spaced around track to get maximum benefit. The power supply should be current limited and of the same type. Set to the same voltage. It is not critical if the volts are not exactly identical between supplies.


What is re-programming?

Re-programming is replacing the existing firmware on your Scorpius components with the latest update.

What is reconfiguring?

Reconfiguring is not to be confused with re-programming. Reconfiguring is changing settings on the various components. Example changing car ID, brake settings or throttle curve etc.

How do I re-program the Scorpius throttle controller?

To reflash controller:

  1. Click on Scorpius Throttle Booter program on PC.
  2. Press Menu button for 2 seconds to activate menu on controller.
  3. Use Menu knob to scroll to “Reflash from PC”
  4. On PC press “Download” to prompt
  5. On the controller press LC button to start download.
  6. On PC download progress bar should start filling from 0 to 100%
  7. Press “Close” once the progress bar is full.
  8. After 5 seconds controller screen will return to the home page.
  9. Close Scorpius Throttle Booter program on PC.

Your controller has now been reflashed (upgraded) wirelessly

How do I re-program the Scorpius car decoder?

Click open the Scorpius car decoder boot program on your PC, remove car from track for 5 seconds and replace back on track, press OK to reflash, you now have the latest firmware.

How do I re-program the Scorpius Lane Brain lane changer electronics?

Click open the Scorpius Lane Brain boot program on your PC, press reset button on Lane Brain, press OK on PC program. The Lane Brain now moves flippers every 3 seconds to confirm it went into boot mode. Switch off Lane Brain for 3 seconds and turn back on. Close program on PC. You now have the latest Lane Brain firmware.


How do I reconfigure the Scorpius throttle controller from the PC?

Click open Scorpius Throttle Setup program on your PC, adjust settings to your requirements. Press menu button on the throttle controller for 2 seconds to open menu. Use menu dial to scroll to “Config from PC”. Press LC button on throttle controller, press OK on PC program, press LC button on throttle controller to escape.

How do I reconfigure the Scorpius throttle controller at the controller itself?

Press menu for 2 seconds to open menu. Use menu dial to scroll to desired function, press LC button to select function. Use menu dial to select value, press LC button to lock in value, press LC button to escape.


What does the Scorpius car decoder do?

It sends and receives data wirelessly. It operates the voltage regulator on the car chip allowing the car to go and stop. It enables car to change lanes by interacting with the lane changer electronics. It is wirelessly upgradeable. It has 6 function outputs for future functions. See specification for full description.

What size is the Scorpius car decoder?

30mm x 15mm.

What size capacitor is used?

16V 100uF.

Does the car decoder require batteries to operate?


Do you use the Scorpius car decoder in conjunction with existing brand name decoder.


What is the range of the Scorpius car decoder?

20m to 100m depending on surrounding structures.

What are the maximum amps the car motor can draw using the Scorpius car decoder?

3 amps.

How do I re-program a Scorpius car chip?

See reprogramming section.

How do I reconfigure a Scorpius car decoder?

See Reconfiguring section.


What frequency does the controller transmit at?

2.4 GHz

What does the controller include?

Complete with electronics, trigger and battery case.

What is the maximum number of cars that can be used?


How is it powered?

2x AAA batteries

Where do the batteries go?

In the throttle handle.

Is the controller prone to interference.

No. Interference is possible but the system detects this and hops to another available channel.

Does the controller work by line of sight?

No Scorpius controllers do not rely on line of sight. Scorpius signal can bounce around or even penetrate light structures.

How many function buttons are on the controller?


How many dials are included on the controller?

Three – Brake, Menu and Sensitivity.

How much control do I have with brakes?

Yes in increments of 1%

How are the brakes adjusted?

By using Scorpius throttle set up software or using a brake trim pot on throttle.

Does each controller have its own ID?


How do you change controller ID?

By using the menu dial.

How does the sensitivity dial work?

Ten preset throttle curves are supplied. Simply adjust the dial to select the sensitivity that best suits your driving style and motor and power configuration.

How do I tell what ID my controller is on?

The controller ID is shown on the controller home screen.

Can I test my functions?

Yes, by using Throttle Test Program.

What tests or information can I access on the Throttle Test program?

Version number, throttle zeroing and full throttle, dynamic brakes, LC and manual brake buttons.

How do I adjust settings on my controller?

See Configuring section.

Will the controller electronics be available separately?


Can I convert my analogue controller?



What size is it?

The enclosure is around 130x80x30mm. The Lane Brain circuit board is 70x50x7mm.

How is it sold?

Separately with or without optional enclosure.

How is it mounted?

Screw to underside of track table or use Velcro tabs for quick removal/replacement.

How is the Lane Brain powered?

The Lane Brain must be powered directly off rails. They must not be powered using a separate power supply.

How does it connect to my lane changer?

A diagram will be provided. The wires that go to your flipper drivers (solenoids) are cut, the old electronics bypassed and the wires routed to the Lane Brain. A wire to liven the flipper to correct polarity is also available.

Do I have to modify my lane changer in any way?

Only wiring.

What lane changers does Lane Brain work with?

Any custom made lane changer. Also works with SSD (Hornby), Ninco and Carrera. It will not work with SCX.

Is it upgradeable, if so how?

The Lane Brain is upgradeable in the same way as any Scorpius component, see “Programming” section.

What is the role of the Lane Brain?

To enable cars to change lanes, to count laps, to recognise car IDs, and to implement a driver preferred raceline.

How easy is it to install a Lane Brain?

Scorpius is designed for club, commercial and top end home use. Anyone with any basic technical skill, able to read and interpret diagrams, ability to solder is required.

What tools are required to install the Scorpius Lane Brain?

Screwdrivers, wire strippers, pliers, soldering iron, multimeter optional.

How many lane changers can a Lane Brain operate?

Lane Brain can operate any single or double lane changer.

Is Scorpius bi-directional, if so how does it work?

All track hardware for the entry flipper is duplicated for the exit flipper. Lane Brain has capacity for full functionality in bi-directional mode for single lane changers only. Full functionality for double lane changers in bi-directional mode requires 2 Lane Brains.


What does the dongle do?

Sends and receives data from other Scorpius components as required to operate.

Where does the dongle go?

Plugs into your USB port.

Does it need batteries?

No its USB powered.

How big is it?

70x30x8mm approx.


What do the programs do?

Allow you to adjust settings, example car ID, brakes, throttle curve, diagnose system components such as throttle ID, battery life and to run future proposed programs such as ghost and safety cars, and existing programs such as PBRL (Programmable Best Race Line).

What programs will be available?

Initially the following:

  • Boot programs
  • Throttle Setup
  • Throttle Test
  • Throttle Capture and Playback
  • Car Driver
  • Lane Brain Setup

Can I run a Scorpius chipped car from my PC without a throttle?

Yes using the Car Driver ghost car program.

What computers can Scorpius programs run on?

Windows 2000, XP, Vista and Windows 7.

How is the program supplied?

Via the websites download section


Will Scorpius have a suitable race management system?

Yes Scorpius RMS is planned for September release 2011.